Welcome Printed Promotionals. 

Why us? There isn't a situation we haven't faced. Behind every online order placed, is a live knowledgeable person entering the order from beginning to end and will reach out to you should there be any conflicts with the order.

If you have a problem, we have a solution. Although we have an online presence,  it is backed by people with hearts who care. We invite you to follow us on instagram and contact us by email or call or text. 

Our business is based on a YES Attitude. We do not ask our suppliers IF we can get something done, we ask them HOW we can get it done. Once in a while it means compromise. It may mean, switching a product, settling for a color, paying a little more, shipping overnight instead of ground. It may mean a personal phone call from our Printed Promotional Staff to one of the suppliers' plant managers, but if there is one thing We can brag about.... It is that WE MAKE THINGS HAPPEN. The convenience of online is great but if you are facing a unique situation or need special accommodations, please do call us so that we have the opportunity to serve you completely. 

You may be wondering by now how we got our start in this industry. It all started with a reply in a job listing. As the wife in a family, I was attracted to the Monday - Friday 8-5 schedule that was being offered and had no idea what I was getting myself into. After learning about what Promotional Items even were, I had developed several accounts that I personally sat with daily to plan for their business events. I learned what the industry was and fell in love. Never again did I even think of doing anything else. 

We are now HUB certified and are listed on the CMBL.

We Truly thank you for giving us the opportunity to serve you. We are very aware that you have many choices and do not take for granted your choice to use us.  

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